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  • Jordyn Palos

Our Story...

Established in 2019 (Ventura County, CA) StageHaus was created to bring thoughtful, livable design elements into your home. From curling up in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee in a weathered leather arm chair, to weekend family dinners around an enormous rustic dining room table, our goal is to curate the perfect rooms, specifically tailored to our clientele.  StageHaus is a modern twist on California classic interior design, with hints of minimalist Scandinavian components, intertwined with vintage, antique finds.  Born from a hobby that turned into a deep rooted passion, which developed into a full-fledged business, StageHaus is a full-service home staging and interior design company that is female owned and operated. Stagehaus, is your house.

* Certified by the California Council for Interior Design

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